Thursday 20 February 2014



Almost at the very end of 2013, on 30th December, Fergus Crystal had the good fortune to find a Lesser Yellowlegs (Tringa flavipes) at Puebla de Alcollarín (Badajoz), in the district of Vegas Altas, which straddles the provinces of Cáceres and Badajoz. As we posted earlier, this was only the second record in Extremadura of this rare American wader. The first was a bird on autumn passage (08/08/1999, Valdesalor reservoir, Cáceres). This second bird is particularly interesting because it is one of the very few confirmed over-wintering records in the Iberian peninsula. The bird has remained in the same area in which it was first discovered in December. This winter it seems that one or two Lesser Yellowlegs have also stayed on in the Algarve (Portugal). This magnificent photo (above) published by Santiago Avis serves as a deserved excuse to provide you with an update on this bird.
It was first found on 30th December 2013 (F. Crystal), and seen again that same afternoon (Marc Gálvez, José Guerra, José Gómez Aparicio). On 7th January 2014 it was relocated by Martin Kelsey in an adjacent area, where it was seen on 8th (Alberto Gil) and on 11th January (Juan Pablo Prieto, Francisco Montaño, Sergio Mayordomo, César Clemente, Javier Prieta, Eva Palacios, M. Gálvez, J. Guerra, Antonio Calvo, Pepe Guisado, Pilar Goñi and Neil Reinwick) and then on 10th (M. Kelsey) and 18th February (S. Avís).