Tuesday 13 July 2010

JUNE 2010: Notable bird sightings in Extremadura

Pato colorado (Netta rufina). Macho nupcial. Por Javier Prieta.

-Red-Backed Shrike: One male at Puerto de Tornavacas, Ávila, on the border with Cáceres, on 06/06 (Dave and Sammy Langlois)
-Green Sandpiper: First post-breeding dispersal observations, 9 birds in Galisteo ricefields and 2 in Galisteo lake on 15/06 (Sergio Mayordomo)
-Lapwing: First post-breeding dispersal observations, 3 birds in Galisteo ricefields on 15/06 (Sergio Mayordomo)
- Rüppell's Griffon : One immature at Salto del Gitano, Monfragüe, on 5/06 and 6/06 (Jesús Porras, Ernest García, Manolo García del Rey, Sergio Mayordomo et al)
-Long-Legged Buzzard: One second-year bird in Llanos de Belén, Trujillo, on 11/06 (Ernest García), and other or the same bird on 22/06 in Los Cerralbos, Trujillo (Martin Kelsey)
-Spoonbill: 12 birds on the lakes of La Albuera, Badajoz, on 22 and 27/06 (Juan Carlos Paniagua)
-Whiskered Tern: At least 10 birds on the lakes of La Albuera, Badajoz, on 22/06 (Juan Carlos Paniagua)
-Egyptian Goose: One bird on 16/06 in a livestock pool in Parque Natural de Cornalvo, Badajoz (José Ledo)
-Black-Headed Gull: First post-breeding dispersal observation in Galisteo ricefield on 04/06 (Sergio Mayordomo)
-Crane: One over-summering bird in Oliva de Plasencia on 12/06 and 18/06 (Ricardo Montero)
-Red-Crested Pochard: 2 drakes at Arrocampo reservoir on 20/06 (César Clemente)
-Rock Thrush: 2 males at the mountain pass of Castilla, Gata, at about 1100 masl on 13/06 (Sergio Mayordomo)