Monday 6 September 2010

AUGUST 2010: Notable bird sightings in Extremadura

Selection of records sent to the GOCE forum in August 2010 (by S. Mayordomo). Any other Extremadura sightings should be sent to: Photographs: Top, White-Rumped Swift (Apus caffer), Guijo de Santa Bárbara, by Jesús Calle. Bottom, Willow Warbler (Phylloscopus trochilus), Galisteo, by Javier Prieta.

-Greylag Goose: one apparently wild bird in Casas de Hitos pond on 24/08/10 (Joaquín García).
-Purple Swamphen: One bird in Valdefuentes gravel pit, Galisteo, on 08/08/10 (Sergio Mayordomo). Second sighting in the River Alagón catchment area.
-Garganey: One drake in Galisteo Lake from 5 to 8/08/10 (Javier Prieta, Eva Palacios and Sergio Mayordomo). One female in Charco Salado, Casatejada, on 18/08/10 (Sergio Mayordomo).
-Lesser Kestrel: A count of 524 birds in a La Vera roost on 24/08/10 (Javier Prieta).
-Black Stork: A bird ringed in the Czech republic was observed on 28/08/10 in Oliva de Plasencia; this same bird wintered in this area in 2008/2009 (José Luis Rivero).
-Spoonbill: 33 birds in Ancho pond, Arroyo de la Luz, on 22/08/10 (Carlos Fernández). In Charco Salado, Casatejada, 78 birds on 18/08/10 (Sergio Mayordomo) and 57 on 25/08/10 (Manuel García del Rey); all-time highs for this site.
-Great White Egret: Confirmed breeding of a pair in Arrocampo reservoir (Javier Prieta, Eva Palacios and Sergio Mayordomo). First breeding record in Extremadura.
-Crane: One oversummering bird in Oliva de Plasencia at least until 28/08/10 (Juan Carlos Paniagua, Ricardo Montero, Eva Palacios and José Luis Rivero).
-Peregrine Falcon: One pair with two young, maybe three, in Monesterio, Badajoz, on 02/08/10 (Alberto Pacheco). Could be the first recent breeding record in the whole western Sierra Morena.
-Glossy Ibis: One bird in meadows near Azud del Guadiana in Badajoz on 22/08/10 and 27/08/10 (Atanasio Fernández).
-Common Waxbill: First records in Galisteo: 6 birds in the ricefield and two in the lagoon on 22/08/10 (Manuel García del Rey and Sergio Mayordomo).
-White-Rumped Swift: Two birds flying repeatedly into the eaves of a house in Guijo de Santa Bárbara on 07/08/10 (Jesús Calle). First record in La Vera and in a built-up area.
- Black-Necked Grebe: One bird in Fresnedillas pond, Oliva de Plasencia, on 23/08/10 (Eva Palacios and Sergio Mayordomo).
-Curlew: One in Galisteo Lake on 22/08/10 (Manuel García del Rey and Sergio Mayordomo) and 26/08/10 (Javier Gayo).
-Whimbrel: One in Portaje reservoir on 03/08/10 (Sergio Mayordomo).
-Olivaceous Warbler: 2 birds in Puente Viejo, Badajoz, on 30/08/10 (Juan Carlos Paniagua).

First Post-Breeding Records
-Hobby: One at Galisteo Lake on 26/08/10 (Javier Gayo) and another at Casas de Hitos on 27/08/10 (Martin Kelsey).
-Pintail: Two eclipse drakes on 09/08/10 in Charco Salado, Casatejada (Eva Palacios and Sergio Mayordomo).
-Sedge Warbler: One on 08/08/10 in Valdefuentes gravel pit, Galisteo (Sergio Mayordomo).
-Redstart: Two immature males on 20/08/10 in Cornalvo, Badajoz (José Ledo).
-Wheatear: One on 28/08/10 in Casar de Cáceres (Sergio Mayordomo) and another in Galisteo on 31/08/10 (Javier Prieta).
-Little Stint: One on 12/08/10 in Casas de Hitos (Martin Kelsey).
-Curlew Sandpiper: One adult on 27/08/10 in Talaván reservoir (Sergio Mayordomo).
-Garden Warbler: One on 20/08/10 in Monfragüe (Sergio Mayordomo)
-Whitethroat: One on 06/08/10 in Ahigal (Sergio Mayordomo) and two in Casas de Hitos on 12/08/10 (Martin Kelsey).
-Willow Warbler: Two on 01/08/10 in Arroyo de la Luz (Florencio Carrero) and one in Monesterio on 03/08/10 (Alberto Pacheco).
-Pied Flycatcher: On 16/08/10 one bird was seen in Plasencia (Javier Prieta) and another in Jerte (Blas Molina).
-Pochard: One immature on 02/08/10 in Charco Salado, Casatejada (Sergio Mayordomo).
-Whinchat: One on 20/08/10 at Talaván reservoir and another in Calzadilla on 21/08/10 (Sergio Mayordomo).