Sunday 7 November 2010


On 31 October 2010 the Fundación Xavier de Salas brought together in Trujillo a sizeable group of Extremadura bloggers, mainly nature photographers but also news bloggers (birds in our case and other groups dealing with orchids and geology). The central moment came with the presentation of a small book containing a selection of up-and-running online blogs. Most of these blogs are for the personal expression of one blogger; Aves de Extremadura is one with a group character. This means that all of you who collaborate in Aves de Extremadura in any way, whether with observations or photos, should rightfully consider yourselves to be participants in this book. The biggest source of info, images, ideas and inspiration is without doubt the GOCE forum, a meeting point that is now recording an almost frenetic rate of activity. No fewer than 643 messages in October and 248 in the first eight days of November!! GOCE has never before been in such rude health. The growth of the forum has coincided in time with the launch of this blog (and another one of SEO-Cáceres) so the two events may well be causally related. Aves de Extremadura received almost 2000 hits last month and has been chalking up a daily mean of 100-150 hits lately.