Wednesday 16 June 2010

MAY 2010: Notable bird sightings in Extremadura

A list is given below of the most interesting records sent to the GOCE forum in May 2010. Our intention is to publish monthly summaries from now on. The merit of compiling and selecting the records is due to Sergio Mayordomo and the photo, a Honey Buzzard, is by Sammy Langlois.

- Honey Buzzard: First sighting on 02/05 in Plasencia (Jenny and Michel Viskens)
- Osprey: One in Arrocampo reservoir on 04/05 (Godfried Schreur) and another in Zarza la Mayor reservoir on 22/05 (Javier Mahillo)
- Bar-Tailed Godwit: two birds in Portaje reservoir on 07/05 (Sergio Mayordomo)
- Hobby: First sighting on 04/05 in Arrocampo reservoir(Godfried Schreur)
- Lesser Kestrel: New breeding colony, at least two pairs in Tejeda del Tiétar (Javier Prieta)
- Golden Plover: One very late bird seen on 11/05 in Campo Lugar (E. Barnes and P. Barnes)
- Grey Plover: Four birds in breeding plumage in Portaje reservoir on 7/05 and 16/05 (Sergio Mayordomo).
- Dunlin: Last observation of three birds in breeding plumage in Portaje reservoir on 16/05 (Sergio Mayordomo)
- Garden Warbler: One on 20/05 in Villanueva de la Vera (Dave Langlois).
- Spoonbill: late passage of 13 birds in Galisteo lake on 15/05 (Sergio Mayordomo)
- Little Egret: New breeding colony in Portaje reservoir (César Clemente, Javier Mahillo and Sergio Mayordomo)
- Great White Egret: 11 birds in flight over Villanueva de la Vera on 12/05 (Dave Langlois)
- Cattle Egret: New breeding in Portaje reservoir(César Clemente, Javier Mahillo and Sergio Mayordomo)
- Penduline Tit: Confirmed breeding along River Jerte in Plasencia, at least two nests with young (Javier Prieta, Ricardo Montero and Sergio Mayordomo)
- Tufted Duck: One pair on 28/05 in Charca de Juana Morena, Talaván (Sergio Mayordomo)
- Wryneck: Possible breeding in Plasencia, at least two pairs (Ricardo Montero and Javier Prieta) and in Villanueva de la Vera (Dave Langlois)
- White-Rumped Swift: first sightings on 25/04, one bird in Portilla del Tiétar and another in Salto del Gitano, Monfragüe (Martin Kelsey)
- Pied-Billed Grebe: one in Huertas de la Magdalena, Trujillo, on 13/05 (Nigel Milbourne, John Barnet, Jack Willmott, Pete Massey and Jesús Porras), 14/05 (Pieter Vantieghem) and 15/05 (Nigel Milbourne).